Serum black garlic

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Strengthens weak hair and reduce hair loss and helps to remove dandruff

- Black garlic shampoo with Serum Hair Care of Charming Woman contain black garlic bottom penetrates into the hair roots and re-built again and stop hair loss and gives 20,000 new hair within 3 months and is considered shampoo black garlic and Serum first alternative for hair transplants also increases the hair length from 5 to 7 cm in the month as fit damaged hair

The results appear in the second week

Using black garlic shampoo hair care and Serum regularly gives better results

- Suitable for all hair types

  black garlic shampoo and serum collection turkish production
For the report of the Turkish Professor on the benefits of black garlic to fight baldness watched the video attached at the bottom of page

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Serum black garlic

How to use serum

placed Several points of black garlic serum to the scalp two hours before the shower and massage for two or three minutes and combing hair

use the serum 2-3 times weekly


don't  exposed the serum directly to sunlight and get it away from the warm places and far from the reach of children

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Amer abdallh

Hello . I am Amer from Saudi Arabia. I want black garlic product .. Please send the link and thank you


ايش الضمان انه المنتج ذات فاعلية انا بدي اجربة واذا لاحظت فرق ماعندي مشكلة ادفع ضعف المبلغ بس انا كشخص بعاني من تساقط الشعر تعبت من التجارب اذا كنتم واثقين من المنتج اعطوني اجربة وهذة كل بياناتي يوسف محمد احمد سوداني الجنسية رقم الجوال 0537020753 العنوان القصيم - بريده - الخبيب

Kinan Alead

هل يوجد توصيل الى المانيا ؟ Gibt es senden nach Deutschland?


رقم 20،000 مبالغ فيه يرجى التدقيق 2،000 المنطق . انا اشتريت المنتج و اتمنى نتيجه جيده ان شاء الله

منصور سالم الشمري

رائع والله انا استخدمته و وايد استفدت عليه مره حلو انصحكم فيه أخواني





انا استخدمتو من 4 اسابيع ... ولهلئ مافي نتائج. !!!!!!

Om Ali

Is it safe during pregnancy?